This issue of Southerly pays tribute to David Brooks, who is retiring as editor after two decades’ stewardship. It includes poetry, fiction, essays and memoir that interweave readings of David’s work with accounts of the various literary communities that David has worked in over four decades from Canberra to North America, Perth, Slovenia, Sydney and now, Katoomba. Together, these pieces create a world of a very specific kind, one populated by words and word people and the currents between them in specific times and places. They also enable us to draw out recurrent themes and practices.

The issue is a tribute and a celebration of a creative literary life. We are reminded of the etymology of the word text, from weaving. The issue shows one remarkable textual practice that weaves through the literary page and daily life to community and culture, including this journal. The issue also includes unthemed work across all categories including reviews.


Andrew Taylor: “Shell Road Atlas”
Uli Krahn: “Postcards from Kings Cross #23, 24, 30, 31 & 32”
Simeon Kronenberg: “Rain”; “Unaccompanied”
John Watson: “David Brooks in Slovenia”
Kevin Hart: “London”


Geoff Page: “Letter to David Brooks”
Orpheus Merino & Teya Brooks Pribac: “The Sheep That I Am”


Andrew Burke: of Pam Brown, click here for what we do & Ken Bolton, Starting at Basheer’s 


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