Southerly 78.2

The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others is concerned with the debts and obligations that accompany the passing of the generations. “For no one bears this life alone” is how Hölderlin describes the mutuality that binds us to our forebears. Each of the contributors to this issue of Southerly endeavours to understand the ways in which this mutuality guides our actions and behaviours. What forms of writing and memorialisation can assist us to acknowledge the unfinished nature of the relationships that link the present to the past, the living to the dead? Is there a way to answer the phantom’s call yet keep faith with those secrets that have made their home in us? 

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Cynthia Troup: “Fragments for Her History of Her Father”
Gillian Bouras: “The Life I Owe”
Katherine Maher: “One of Your Family:
Brendan Ryan: “John Forbes in Carlton”
Maria Griffin: “Benjamin”
George Kouvaros: “The Other Life”
Olga Pavlinova Olenich: “Anton Bell”
Brenda Saunders: “La Chanteuse”
Andrew Sant: “On Being Sincere” and “On Mortality”
Sharryn Ryan: “The Miracle”
Jessie Tu: “Another Country”


Uli Krahn: “How to Milk a Goat”
John Hughes: “Two Tales from the Greek”
Matthew Hooton: “Because Puppets Do Not Age, Do Not Fear Gravity, Do Not Abandon Those Who Love Them Most”
Meera Atkinson: “Necropolis Drive”
Andrew Roff: “Marbles”


Tess Pearson: “Remnants”
Chris Andrews: “East Side”
Nicholas Powell: “Our Chief Debt”
Natalie D-Napoleon: “No Box”
Ruth Corkill: “Theseus”
Jena Woodhouse: “Dirge for the Survivors of Makronisos” and “Vespertine at Labastide”
Nicole Melanson: “Penelope Makes Revisions”
Kathryn Lyster: “King Parrots”
Cynthia Troup: “Lost Aunt”
Rachael Guy: “The House is Burning”
Paul Scully: “Sanctuary”
Ian C. Smith: “The Upturned Glass”
Margaret Bradstock: “Henry Whalley, Chief Harpooner”
Dimitris Tsaloumas: “Like the Kind-Hearted Women of Old” (translated from the Greek by Matina Doumos)
Matina Doumos: “Lero Lero” and “In the Ambulance”
William Fox: “Creepy Crawly” and “Kompressor”
Carl Walsh: “Delatite”


Judith Martinez: Unknown Portraits (from a family archive)


Naomi Riddle: of Fiona Wright, Domestic Interior
Elizabeth Webby: of Deborah Jordan (ed), Loving Words: Love Letters of Nettie and Vance Palmer, 1909-1914
Selina Samuels: of Kerry Conway, Eternal Force
Pam Brown: of Fiona Hile, Subtraction
Peter Kirkpatrick: of Martin Langford, Neat Snakes
Brigitta Olubas: of Sarah Day, Towards Light & Other Poems
Penelope Stavrou: of Jessica Gildersleeve, Christos Tsiolkas: A Utopian Vision


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