Southerly 78.3


In literary terms, violence provides a readymade drama, an impetus for action and reaction, shock, emotion, transformation—from Milton’s War in Heaven to Modernist aesthetics of shock to the contemporary thriller. Literature is also a site where violent experience is variously recorded, masked, performed and objectified. The work in this issue of Southerly is situated at the intersections where intense personal experience meets the force of pervasive operations including poverty, colonialism, gendered and racialised violence from the colonial period to the present.

The issue also includes a range of unthemed material and reviews as well as the shortlisted and winning poems from the David Harold Tribe Poetry Award.

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Jenni Nixon: “Knock on the door at 6am”
Brenda Saunders: “Boab tree, Derby”
Andy Jackson: “To name what we feel”
Melinda Smith: “Simmer Down”
Maria Vella: “The Agony in the Garden”
B.R. Dionysius: “Killing One Hundred Wedge-Tailed Eagles”
Dave Drayton: “James Monroe”
Josephine Clarke: “transnational”
Lynette Thorstensen: “Pantheon Clock”
Robin M,. Eames: “spare keys”
Ella Jeffrey: “Brunoise”
Wen-Juenn Lee: “Last July”
Julie McElhone: “about which I write” and “We Were Here”
Glenn McPherson: “nomad”
Angela Gardner: “September”
Mitchell Welch: “The Littoral Zone”
Geoff Page: “The Thirty-Second Floor”
Peter Kirkpatrick: “Mr Horrible”
Monica Carroll: “she was an ashtray for other people”
Kit Kelen: “the keys in Palestine”
Kristian Patruno: “Lion Clawed”
Greg McLaren: “Advices for young fascists”
Sarah Penwarden: “Chamber of Art & Wonders”
Patricia Reid: “buried”
Toby Fitch: “Lippy Mirrorball”
David Stavanger: “Corrections”
Hazel Smith: “Bigfoot”


Ella O’Keefe: “warped up lamplight”
Grace Heyer: “The Other Kingdom Is Like This”
Geraldine Burrowes: “how to deflect”
Pascalle Burton: “The evolution of her pictorial”
Michael Farrell: “Sock Puppet Ascendancy”
Ali Jane Smith: “Have you any dirty washing, Mother dear?”


Brenda Downing: “Letter to the Editor”
Kate Livett: “Violence in Colonial Women’s Novels”
Ashleigh Synnott: “A Question of Intimacy (Or: Against Suicide)”
Rowena Harding-Smith: “I Love Lucy: 1957”
David Brooks: “A Roo Battue”
John Kinsella and Russell West-Pavlov: “Wordsworth and Campbell—Mirranatwa and Hesse”
Fiona Morrison: “The Antiphonal Time of Violence in Leah Purcell’s The Drover’s Wife
Martin Kovan: “Necessary Rites (a short history of violence)”
Xinpei Yu & Brigitta Olubas: “The Chinese Translation and Reception of Elizabeth Harrower’s The Watch Tower


Jo Langdon: “Pull it Away”
Michael Crane: “How to Commit a Perfect Murder”
Julie Chevalier: “a ceiling made of stretched canvas”
Winnie Dunn: “Wanting to be White”
Luke Johnson: “The Conditional Past”
Ray Liverside: “Love Only Has One Syllable”
Rachael Versace: of David Malouf, An Open Book
John Hughes: of George Kouvaros, The Old Greeks: Photography, Cinema, Migration
Elizabeth McMahon: of Brigid Rooney, Suburban Space, the Novel and Australian Modernity
Sunil Badami: of Jacqueline Kent Beyond Words: a year with Kenneth Cook




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