Southerly 76.1

Words and Music



This issue presents writing by musicians and writers who cross mediums to collaborate and experiment in the spaces between words and music, including Hilary Bell, Phillip Johnston and Jonathan Mills. It includes archivist John Murphy’s reflections on Peter Sculthorpe’s house and Joseph Toltz writes of the experience of researching musical recollections from the Holocaust, and presents some of these memories from survivors. Michael Hooper shows how listening to Elliott Gyger’s operatic adaptation of David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter also re-attunes us to the novel. Dick Hughes speculates on the (jazz) music of heaven while David Brooks keeps an ear to the ground in a meditation on “herd music”. There is also the usual cornucopia of stories, memoir, poems and reviews, both themed and unthemed.




∏O: “Kylie Minogue 1968-”
Graeme Miles: “Heart of Glass”
Micaela Sahhar: “Drafts for a Digital Age”
∏O: “A Jazz Number”
Jill Jones: “The Glass”
Anne-Marie Newton: “The Time Problem”
Mark Young: “La Spezia”
Matthew Wallman: “O.S.”;
“I Brought Something Back For You” from Inland Sea Poems
Ouyang Yu: “Sense”
Martin Kovan: “Cerberus”
Rose Hunter: “elbows”
Matthew Louttit: “Aubade”
Partrick Jones: “Buladelah-Boomerang Point holiday song cycle”
Ben Walter: “Intertextual Reservations”
James Lucas: “Realisms”
Kay Are: “Unentitled”
Luke Fischer: “Madonna of the Goldfinch”
Paul Schimmel: “An Overture to Instinct”


Joseph Toltz: “Music and Memory at Liberation”
Hilary Bell: “My Life in Lyrics”
Phillip Johnston: “Wordless! Music for Comics and Graphic Novels Turns Time Into Space (and back again)”
David Brooks: “Herd Music”
John Murphy: “A House for Peter Sculthorpe”
Dick Hughes: “Jazz at the Pearly Gates”
Jonathan Mills: “‘The Chosen Vessel’ and The Ghost Wife
Michael Hooper: “Traces of birdsong in Elliott Gyger’s opera Fly Away Peter


Graeme Kinross-Smith: “New South Wales is Different”


M.G. Michael: “On secret mysteries to do with the fear of heights”
Hannah Ianniello: “Swing”
Gareth Hipwell: “Whatever Was Eating Whatever It Is That’s Eating The Trees”
Colin Varney: “Zigazig-uh”
Monica Razewski: “Half Moon Bay”
Sue Stevenson: “The Cloud of Undoing”


Nicolette Stasko: of Carol Lefevre, Quiet City
William Simon: of Jennifer Livett, Wild Island
Cat Moir: of Chris Edwards, O Sonata: Rilke Renditions
Paul Genoni: of Philip Butterss, An Unsentimental Bloke: The Life and Work of C.J. Dennis
Kate Livett: of Ellen van Neerven, Heat and Light
Evelyn Araluen: of Ellen van Neerven, Comfort Food
Dave Drayton: of Toby Fitch, The Bloomin’ Notions of Other & Beau
Michael Farrell: of Claire Nashar, Lake

COVER: Pat Brassington, In Tune, 2015. Pigment print, 75 x 56 cm.
Courtesy of the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney.

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