First off, we’d like to thank Sam Cooney for his excellent, stimluating posts. Next up we have Chris Raja, who was recently published in our 70.3 India India edition. His bio

Chris Raja migrated to Melbourne from Calcutta in 1986, and almost twenty years later he moved again, further inland, living and working in Alice Springs since 2004. Chris is a teacher and a regular contributor to numerous magazines including Art Monthly Australia (for whom he is the NT Art Correspondent).

The First Garden, a play by Chris Raja and his wife Natasha Raja, brings to life the extraordinary woman, that was, Miss Olive Muriel Pink. This season of theatre will be showing in the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens to celebrate the story of a central Australian icon. This production is part of the Alice Desert Festival and will be running over six nights, premiering on Saturday the 17th of September.



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