April monthly blogger – Aashish Kaul

A huge thanks to Stephen Sewell for his personal, insightful posts.

This month, our blogger is Aashish Kaul. His bio is below.

A. Kaul_photoAashish Kaul is completing a Doctor of Arts from the University of Sydney. His book of short stories A Dream of Horses is publishing next month in the UK. He has previously written for Southerly.

1 thought on “April monthly blogger – Aashish Kaul

  1. Southerly,

    I’m not sure if this will reach anyone other than an automaton, but I wanted to say that I was quite moved by Sewell’s blogs last month. So, thank you to Southerly for putting Sewell on.

    Best of luck to Southerly and to Stephen Sewell.

    Best wishes,

    Ben Kunkler

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