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Long Paddock for Southerly 70.3: India India

India has a strong culture of Australian literary studies, a very interesting and useful one, rich in its own opinions, expectations and perspectives. It seemed logical to at some point offer an Australian audience a chance to sample this alternative angle of perception, and here we are, an issue of Southerly with a central focus on Indian/Australian literary relations. It is a rich, rich field. So rich, in fact, that it has seemed wisest to place aside any concern for representativeness (by whose criteria, anyway?) and to offer instead – that very Australian thing – a show-bag, a sampler, full…

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Long Paddock for Southerly 70.2: Romance

Is Australian romance an oxymoron? It has been long thought so; not for us Don Juan or Don Quixote but Ned Kelly and Tom Collins. Even when romance rears its alluring head in Australian fiction, as with Harry’s wooing of Sybilla in My Brilliant Career, it is often quashed as a distraction or delusion. More recently, celebrated texts of their times such as Puberty Blues (1979), Oscar and Lucinda (1988), Praise (1992) have confirmed the view that romance is difficult in Australia – and in Australian fiction. If we have prided ourselves on taking the steely-eyed view without the filter…

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