Guidelines for commenting

Although we say these are guidelines, they are, in fact, more like rules. Please adhere to them, or your comments will not be posted. We encourage discussion and robust criticism, however:

  1. We will not tolerate personal attacks on the blogger, or on the editors of Southerly.
  2. We will not tolerate personal attacks on other people who have commented.
  3. Comments must discuss the blog post, and the blog post only.
  4. You must not link to sites of a sexual or illegal nature.
  5. You must not use our blog for advertisement or promotion. Links to the commenters blog site is allowed, but only as identification, not as promotion or advertisement.
  6. You must not discuss illegal activity on the blog.
  7.  Comments must make sense by being in sentences complete with punctuation, to reflect the literary nature of the blog.

So, with these necessary guidelines in mind, please comment! These are the types of comments we’re looking for:

–       Have you had a similar experience to the blogger, with the text they’re writing about, or with another text?

–       Do you have a contribution to the discussion of the text? More information from your own research, or another site with a similar theme?

–       Do you have a question for the blogger about their post?

–       Has the blogger asked you, the reader, a question that you’d like to reply to?

–       Does the post remind you of something else – another text, author, literary event or literary blog – that you’d like to tell us about?

–       How does the post relate to your local literary community? Or if you’re a reader from outside Australia, how does it relate to your national literary culture?

–       Have you read something in the Long Paddock, or in our hardcopy issue, that relates to the blog post?