Love your local literature: get a promo deal today

Six joint subscription deals. Six promo deals. For the next six months, Southerly is offering extra discounts on joint subscriptions with our partner journals. Each month, one journal will be featured – Meanjin, Overland, Island, Westerly, The Lifted Brow, Griffith Review. All you need to do is subscribe to the featured journal in that month to receive the discounts and specials from both journals. From our end, you get a year’s subscription to Southerly for a third off the regular price – only $50. From the other journal – wait and see! Deals, back issues, competitions – it’s all up for grabs. To kick off this excellent promotion, we’re featuring TWO of our partner journals in October – Griffith Review and Westerly. Westerly will be offering back issues, book packs, and other prizes. Griffith Review will also be offering some great promotions. Just put in the code WESTERLYDEAL or GRIFFITHDEAL to get all the discounts and goodies!

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