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Call for papers: VIOLENCE

This issue will allow writers, scholars and poets to probe the different types of violence: from linguistic to domestic; institutional to historical, against humans and against animals, that have plagued, and continue to plague, Australia’s cultural landscapes.  ...

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Westerly Vol.63 No.1 Now Available

  The new issue from our friends at Westerly features work from a great array of writers, including Claire G. Coleman, Philip Neilsen, Beejay Silcox, Dan Disney, Mohammed Massoud Morsi, Marcelle Freiman, Paul Collis, Julia Prendergast, Stuart Barnes, Rachael Mead,...

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I open the folder and a frail wisp of paper flies out, caught in the gust. I catch it and read the headline: AUSCHWITZ: TRUTH TOO PAINFUL TO BELIEVE.

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Jep Jep

Her name was Jessie, or Jep, or Jep Jep, or Jeplestein, though certainly not Tinsel, her name before we picked her up shortly after moving to Texas, before Y2K, when people stockpiled water, canned goods and guns at Walmart, preparing for the end.

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Coetzee, Costco and Excess: Writing about Eating Animals

The meat was too many colours, purple and brown and white with fat; it was too large, whole sides of beef, reams of sausages like swollen, pallid intestines. Walking fast down the aisle hoping for something more innocuous at the end was unsuccessful. More meat, chickens, turkeys and ducks this time, frozen and silent.

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