Please come to the launch of Southerly 71.2 A Handful of Sand: Words to the frontline

Southerly is delighted to invite you to the launch for its latest issue, 71.2 A Handful of Sand: Words to the frontline. There will be readings, nibbles, and general bonhomie. Please join us!

When: Thursday February 2nd, 5:30 for 6pm
Where: Woolley Common Room, John Woolley Building upstairs, University of Sydney
RSVP: Please use CONTACT US form

A Handful of Sand is an extraordinary editorial achievement by two of our finest poets, Ali Cobby Eckermann and Lionel Fogarty. This issue of Southerly brings to its reader a rich and striking cross-section of the poetry, fiction, essays and memoir of Australia’s first nations, from prodigious teenagers to respected Elders, from over twenty language groups, and from every corner of Australia. A perfect introduction for those who have not encountered such writing before, an invaluable resource for those who work with and within it, a rewarding experience for anyone who cares about country and wants to know more of its secrets, or who just wants to broaden their understanding of what writing is and can be, A Handful of Sand changes and animates the field of Australian Literature, remapping the real and imaginary landscapes on which the national fiction was founded.

3 thoughts on “Please come to the launch of Southerly 71.2 A Handful of Sand: Words to the frontline

  1. I’ve already read the review copy sent to me, and am about to set to revising the first draft of the review. It’s a great issue, and one whose launch is well worth attending, and I look forward to a very positive review.

    1. I just hope my children dont pick this book up knowing Trevor deshong is in prison for crimes against them knowing he is still getting stuff published! shame that we see his name so much when we are trying to heal and he supposed to pay for his crimes for pedophilia! dont believe what you always here from him, he has ruined my family and our son (his son) is going threw so much knowing that his own father raped his sister when she was thirteen!

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