Poetry Titillations Part 2

Toby Fitch

Here are some more forthcoming Australian poetry titles to get into a state about. It’s difficult to be comprehensive when compiling a list about the future, especially when that future is poetic, and extra-especially given that poetry publishers, thankfully, aren’t as media-hungry as politicians. So, there are more books in the works without titles or funding yet, but they’ll be a nice surprise when they flash us later in the year.

NB: If any publishers want to add to this list, feel free to contact me or use the comments field below.

Australian Poetry:
Mathew Abbott — wild inaudible
Eileen Chong — Burning Rice

Blemish Books:
Three authors (yet to be decided) — Triptych Poets: Issue 3

Clouds of Magellan:
Anthony Lynch — Night Train

Ginninderra Press:
Jude Aquilina & Joan Fenney — Thread Me a Button
Derek Baines — A Most Urgent Task
Kate Bristow — On the Shores of the Imagination
Jean Frances — Where She Lives
Dominic Kirwan — Where Words Go When They Die
Elizabeth Lane — Walking the Black Dog
Susan McCreery — Waiting for the Southerly
Adele Ogier Jones — From the Edge of the Pacific
Ioana Petrescu — Persuading Plato
Karen Throssell — Chain of Hearts
Helen Wilson — Crosswind from the South-east
Bozena Zawisz — Neither Innocent Nor Guilty

Giramondo Publishing:
Alan Wearne — Cabin Crew, Prepare the Cabin for Landing

Grand Parade Poets:
Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne — Domestic Archaeology
Rachael Munro — Indigo Morning

Mulla Mulla Press:
Scott-Patrick Mitchell — the rutting season

Papertiger Media:
Keri Glastonbury — grit salute

Picaro Press:
Mark O’Flynn — Untested Cures
Kent MacCarter — Ribosome Spreadsheet
Garth Madsen — Frankston for Beginners
Carmel Williams — The Butcher’s Window
Cecilia White — TBD
Lucy Dougan — On the Circumvesuviana

Spinifex Press:
Suniti Namjoshi — The Monkey and the Crocodiles

Transit Lounge:
Ouyang Yu — Self Translation (Chinese and English)

Walleah Press:
Andrew Burke — Undercover of Lightness: New and Selected
Jill Jones — Ash is Here, So are Stars

Whitmore Press:
Jo Langdon – Snowline (Chapbook)
B R Dionysius – Bowra
Graeme Kinross-Smith – Available Light

5 thoughts on “Poetry Titillations Part 2

  1. It’s great to see an online list of upcoming collections. I’ve NEVER seen something this extensive, not even in the broadsheets at the beginning of each year. Thanks Toby.

    I’m hoping I might be one of the 3 Triptych Poets mentioned. I mailed off my poems for consideration a week ago.

    Lorne Johnson

  2. And these from Black Rider Press:

    ” / ” — forward slash is a Black Rider collage of Australian and Canadian innovation. The journal features suites by Duncan Hose, Michael Farrell, a.rawlings, Louis Armand, Kemeny Babineau, Astrid Lorange and Jay MillAr.

    Michael Farrell — enjambment sisters present (Black Rider presents Lyrics #4)

    Matthew Hall — Royal Jelly (hand-bound limited edition)

    Matthew Hall — Hyaline

    With more chapbooks in the latter half of the year coming from Ali Alizadeh and Jill Jones, among others.

  3. And just coming out from a small UK press, a young Australian poet:

    Jeremy Balius — Wherein? He Asks of Memory

  4. This is a great space! thanks Toby and thank you Picaro Press for releasing my chapbook titled

    n thing is set in st ne


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