Poetry Titillations

Toby Fitch

I’ve decided to compile a list of forthcoming Australian poetry titles to give readers and reviewers a gander at the goose that is 2012. It’s not exactly complete. Some publishers haven’t written back to me and others have been a bit peeky, too shy to bare all. And fair enough: they’re all independent. Not like those big publishing houses who don’t do poetry. Anyway, mine is a knee-length skirt of a list, covering new works by poets who haven’t released anything in a while, a few New & Selecteds and Collecteds, and some first books by emerging poets. There will of course be lone-rangers (self-published books) and Playful Drunken Friends (PDFs, or e-books), too, that I’m not yet aware of, but what’s below is enough to arouse for now. Where possible, under each publisher, I’ve placed the titles in rough order of release date.

Black Pepper Press:
Homer Rieth — 150 Motels
Stephen Edgar — Eldershaw
Andrew Sant — The Bicycle Thief

Brandl & Schlesinger:
Aidan Coleman — Asymmetry
Rhyll McMaster — Late Night Shopping
Margaret West — Leaf and Stone

Five Islands Press (FIP):
Michael Sharkey — Another Fine Morning in Paradise
Lisa Jacobson — The Sunlit Zone

Giramondo Press:
Kate Fagan — First Light
Vivian Smith — Here, There and Elsewhere
(and collections by Michael Farrell, Michael Brennan, Lachlan Brown, Lisa Gorton, according to the SMH)

Interactive Press (IP):
Duncan Richardson — Ultra Soundings
E A Gleeson — Maisie and the Black Cat Band
Heather Taylor Johnson —  Letters to My Lover from a Small Mountain Town
Amelia Walker — Sound & Bundy (verse novel)

John Leonard Press:
Peter Steele — Braiding the Voices: Essays in Poetry
Robert Gray — Cumulus: Collected Poems (400-odd pages)
Brook Emery — Collusion
Graeme Miles — Recurrence

Magabala Press:
Ali Cobby Eckermann — Ruby Moonlight (verse novel)

Puncher & Wattmann:
Anthony Lawrence — The Welfare of My Enemy (verse novella)
Julie Chevalier — Linen Tough As History
Philip Salom — The Keeper of Fish and Keeping Carter
Michael Sharkey — Apollo in George Street : The Life of David McKee Wright (Bio)
Amanda Johnson — The Wind-up Birdman of Moorabool Street
Bonny Cassidy — Certain Fathoms
John Watson — Occam’s Aftershave: Collected Works Volume 4
Ed Wright — When Sky Becomes the Space Inside Your Head
John Leonard — Reading Australian Poetry This Century
Phyllis Perlstone — Thick and Thin Lines
Toby Fitch — Rawshock
Laurie Duggan — The Collected Blue Hills
Richard Tipping — Love Poems
Geoff Page — New & Selected Poems
John Hawke & Anne Vickery (eds) — Poetry and The Trace
Alex Skovron — Towards the Equator: New & Selected Poems
Adam Aitken, Kim Cheng Boey & Michelle Cahill — The Puncher & Wattmann Anthology of Asian Australian Poetry
Peter Boyle — New & Selected Poems
Julie Chevalier — Darger: His Girls (winner, Alec Bolton Prize)

Salt Publishing:
David McCooey — Outside

University of Queensland Press (UQP):
Rosemary Dobson — Collected Poems
Nicholas Powell — Water Mirrors (winner, Thomas Shapcott Prize)

University of Western Australia Press (UWAP):
Peter Rose — Crimson Crop
Kate Lilley — Ladylike
Kristen Henry — All the Way Home (verse novel)

Vagabond Press:
Elizabeth Allen — Body Language
4 ‘Rare Objects’ Chapbooks:
Judith Bishop — Aftermarks
Michelle Cahill — Night Birds
Debbie Lim — Beastly Eye
Jessica L. Wilkinson — marionette: notes toward the life and times of miss marion davies

Wakefield Press:
Cath Keneally — Thirty Days Notice

5 thoughts on “Poetry Titillations

  1. Hi Toby,
    Walleah Press plans to publish several titles in 2012, but Andrew Burke’s ‘Undercover of Lightness’ [March] and Dael Allison’s ‘A Raft for Fairweather’ [May].are the only two confirmed dates I can offer at the moment.

  2. And to add to your list, Toby: small wonder, an anthology of prose poetry and microfictions, edited by Linda Godfrey and Julie Chevalier will be published by Spineless Wonders in March.

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