Long Paddock


John Bennett, Real Fables
Melissa Boyde, Cultural Myths and Open Secrets
Angela Rockel, Owl
Christine Townend, The Cat Experiment


Susan Adams, Slow Bleeding
Chris Brown, The Nocturnal Ceremonies
Michael Farrell, Character
Alison Gorman, January Water Dragons
John Kinsella, Birth on the Road to Gubbeen
Frank Russo, Ponsonby Road Menagerie
Corey Wakeling, Ombudsman Reader


Hettie Ashwin, Roadkill
Teja B. Pribac, Fishy Feelings
Roo Stove, Vagrancy Act 1966
Milly Vranes, Heat


Jal Nicholl, of Matthew Hall, Hyaline, and Rebecca Law, Lilies and Stars
Sarah Day, of Jane Williams, Days Like These
Claire Nashar, of Lionel Fogarty, Mogwie-Idan: Stories of the Land
Bonny Cassidy, of Tracy Ryan, The Argument and Unearthed


Editorial Note

We must advise of two errors in the Lyre/Liar Long Paddock contents as advertised in the hard copy of the issue. The poem by John Tranter, “Lost Weekend in Boca Raton”, does not appear here, and will be published instead in the next issue, The Naked Writer (Southerly 73.3), and an article by Christine Townend, “The Cat Experiment”, which appears in this edition of the Long Paddock, and which should have been listed in the hard copy as doing so, was discovered to have mysteriously dropped from the list too late to be re-inserted before printing. Our apologies to our readers, to John and Christine, and to the gremlin whom we have so evidently offended.


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