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Australian Dreams 2

After a decade of ragged, terror-driven politics many people’s dreams of and for Australia are looking battered, but the dreaming continues. Essays and other contributions here reflect the wide range and complexity of a nation’s dreaming. Calls for a fairer economy, a more direct democracy, animal rights, a more subtle and respectful understanding of the rights and rites of place; reflections upon the dreams of migrant communities; examinations of the dream factories of our poetry and cinema. Lost dreams, shattered dreams, strangled dreams, stranded dreams, even a few that might be coming true. Some of the best new work from some of the finest writers of the region, new and established, and our customary contingent of reviews of poetry and fiction.




Stephen Sewell, ‘Dreams of Australia’
Boi Huyen Ngo, ‘The uniting of pieces: Sewing Vietnamese Australian women’s identities’
Mudrooroo Nyoongah, ‘The House with the Yellow Door’
John Kinsella, ‘Replacing “Place”: Towards a Theology of Presence’
J.H. Crone, ‘Dreaming Verse: C.J. Dennis and the Anzac Tradition’
Sandra Hajda, ‘Catholic Guilt and Schoolgirl Sluts’
Anna Poletti and Ali Alizadeh, ‘The Dream of Love in Tsiolkas’ The Slap’


Patty Mark in conversation with Teja B. Pribac, ‘Dreams and Beyond’


Kerry Reed-Gilbert, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘The Bible
Peter Minter, ‘The Eggs’, ‘Lost Residence
Tamara Lazaroff, ‘To Praise is the Thing (Fruit-picking, W.A.)
Jenni Nixon, ‘Under Canvas
Yu Jian (trans. Naikan Tao and Simon Patten), ‘Goldfish’, ‘Church Visit
John Tranter, ‘Three Lemons’, ‘A Pompeiian Aristocrat Considers the Future
Michael Sharkey, ‘The Consolation of Philosophy
Michael Farrell, ‘The Keatsian Marketplace
Mudrooroo Nyoongah, ‘Present Sir’, ‘Some People I Declare
Judith Beveridge, ‘To My Neighbour’s Hens
Stephen Edgar, ‘All Hail
Deon Calleja, ‘Mysterious ways
Noel Jeffs, ‘Of the Doll—
Lea McInerney, ‘Studio by the Sea, Falmouth


Michelle Hamadache, ‘The Sea Swallows
Christopher Cyrill, ‘Les Cahiers
Ariella van Luyn, ‘St Helena
Tadhg Muller, ‘When Rain Fell
John A. Scott, ‘Picasso: A Shorter Life


Alison Broinowski, of Mark Henshaw, The Snow Kimono
Michelle Cahill, of Judith Beveridge, Devadatta’s Poems
Josh Mei-Ling Dubrau, of Kim Cheng Boey, Clear Brightness and Danijela Kambaskovic, Internal Monologues
Tessa Lunney, of Omar Musa, Here Come the Dogs
Tracy Ryan, of Cath Kenneally, eaten cold
Phillip Salom, of Fiona Hile, Novelties and Rae Desmond Jones, It Comes from All Directions
Vivian Smith, of Geoffrey Lehman, Poems 1957-2013

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COVER: Photo credit: Nicholas Walton-Healey


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