Mixed Messages

Long Paddock


Chris Lynch: “Fox Dreaming”
“One morning, delivering Quest
News to the suburbs, I saw a red fox. . .”

Chris Lynch: “The Philosophy of Mangoes”
“Mangoes do not fully domesticate. They are lush, a little louche; no amount of slicing or
dicing can disguise their inherent wantonness . . .”

Rosemary Drescher: “What is the Apricot Saying”
“Brimming over the tarmac, winding with the bends
and creaking to a halt at every traffic light
the bus runs commentary on the shape of the road. . .”

Stuart Barnes: “cws”
“Thunderbolt & lightning: a Roman deity bites the dust . . .”

Kristen Lang: “The View from Chhampi”
“The air has been sung so many times the cicadas,
skins drawn thin on their hollow drums and the thrum
compounding, feel it is they who are played – . . .”

Kristen Lang: “The Turning”
“How the dawn does not end but travels
ever westward, always arriving. . .”


Bernard Cohen: “In the Time it Takes to Finish a Sandwich, We Could Build Worlds”
“You and I, my dear sister, you and I, just as we have always been: with my vision and your pragmatism, your receptiveness and my intensity . . .”

Michael Mohammed Ahmed: Excerpt from The Lebs
“When Abu and X return, all six of us sit in a circle in the centre of the rehearsal studio, surrounded by the graffiti quotes on the walls. I try to forget that the quote about Muhammad is up there too, but to me it sticks out and throbs like a cold sore . . .”


Hannah Ianniello: Of Michael Sala, The Restorer
“Michael Sala’s The Restorer weaves together the experiences of a family attempting to restore its balance following a year of separation from Roy: the husband, father, and threatening patriarch of the household . . .”

Jack Cameron Stanton: Of Jennifer Mills, Dyschronia
“Reading this book transported me to the days when I read fiction before studying it, under tables at school, in the library, on the porch smoking cigarettes while my parents were sleeping, wondering how surreal yet possible all these fictional worlds seemed . . .”