Southerly 77.2

The Long Apprenticeship



This issue of Southerly captures a snapshot of Australian writing today. Stories from writers just starting out on their long apprenticeship are placed side-by-side work from Australia’s finest essayists, writers and poets. This rich and expansive issue asks what it means to write in a contemporary Australia fraught with inequality, divisiveness, and the unrelenting exploitation of country. In a special collaboration with Sydney Story Factory, which runs workshops for young and marginalised writers, this issue of Southerly includes short stories that demonstrate the vibrancy and the vision of Australia’s up-and-coming writers. Including essays from Caroline Lefevre and John Kinsella, poetry from Kevin Hart, and much, much more, ‘The Long Apprenticeship’, is an issue comprising, as ever, the best in Australian writing.

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Diana Papas: “Taximi”
Melody Reynauld: “Midas”

Sydney Story Factory: Introduction
Victoria Bassett-Wilton: “Late At Last”
Alexander Lorenzon: “A Town of Sand and Dust”
Vivian Pham: “The Past Does Not Sleep Soundly”

Philomena van Rijswijk: “Ngawi”
George Toseki: “Finger Bun”
Chris Cody: “The Kids”
Hannah van Didden: “Guns and Honey”
John Sheng, trans. Ouyang Yu: “The Arrest Warrants”


Rowena Lennox: “Proprioception”
James Bedford: “One Eye”


Elizabeth Hanscombe: “Haunted by Photos of the Dead”
Camille Rouliere: “When We Were Gods”
Dave Drayton: “Chess P(r)o(bl)ems”
Carol Lefevre: “The Pursuit of the Peregrine”
John Kinsella: “Reading and (non) Compliance”
Desmond O’Grady: “God Did Something for Shirley”
Katerina Bryant: “On Bees and Writing”


John Hawke: “The Demolition of Hotel Australia”
Joanne Burns: “Lemon Aid” and “Mercy”
Adrienne Eberhard: “Grass”
Alice Melke-Ulgezer: “After the Hittites” and “Green Ribbon”
Kevin Gillam: “Neaped”
Graeme Miles: “The Iconoclast” and “An Archaism”
S.K. Kelen: “Creative Writing”
Mike Ladd: “Packing Up the Office”
Christopher (Kit) Kelen: “Practical Hypothetical” and “Bower Birds”
Kevin Gillam: “Moth Words”
Qing Shui: “Little Snow Owl, Newly Arrived”
Ross Donlon: “My Ship” and “Continental Drift”
Ali Jane Smith: “Old Loaf”
Carlie Daley Nekrasov: “Mulberry Trees”
Carl Walsh: “Supermarket of Words”
Kevin Hart: “Rain” and “New Uz”
Andrew Taylor: “Legacy of Spiders” and “Moths”
Donna Mazza: “The Clearing”
Jake Goetz: “Kampong Cham”
Audrey Molloy: “Learning to Swim”
Holly Friedlander Liddicoat: “This Place Gimme Something”
Stuart Cooke: “Bridge”
Anders Villani: “Master”
Simon West: “The Water Track” and “A Goulbourn Valley Eclogue”
Ben Walter: “Mt Styx”
Patrick Jones: “100 Years”
Phillip Hammial: “A Nuptial”
Catherine Vidler: “Moth Sestina”


Joseph Cummins: of Rachael Leary, Bridget Crack
Lachlan Brown: of Melanie Cheng, Australia Day
Heather Taylor Johnson: of Michelle Cahill, Letters to Pessoa
Angela Serrano: of Dan Disney and Kit Kelen (eds), Writing to the Wire
Michael Farrell: of Cassie Lewis, The Blue Decodes
Yen-Rong Wong: of David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short (eds), The Near and the Far


COVER: Phoebe Martyr: My contemporary tribe, 2016 (detail). Photomedia. Included in 2017 ArtExpress, Art Gallery of New South Wales.