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The Naked Writer 2

The Naked Writer 2 hones focus on the poet and author: their processes, habits and ambitions, and the intersections of their lives, and their work. The issue opens with David Brooks’ tribute to the remarkable woman of Australian letters, Veronica Brady. The issue also contains: novelist Fiona McFarlane’s reflections on reading Patrick White’s The Aunt’s Story; Kristina Olsson maps the writing of her acclaimed memoir Boy Lost; short-fiction writer Hayley Katzen meditates on writing, revelation and privacy; Shirley Hazzard specialist Brigitta Olubas reads the marriage of Hazzard and biographer Francis Steegmuller as a ménage à trois with Flaubert; and Joe Dolce presents his final interview with Dorothy Porter in which they discuss C.P. Cavafy. This issue also includes a wealth of fiction, poetry and reviews.


David Brooks, “Veronica Brady (1929–2015)”


Fiona McFarlane, “On Reading The Aunt’s Story by Patrick White”
Kristina Olsson, “On Writing Boy, Lost
Brigitta Olubas, “ ‘I think you’re my wife’: Translation, Marriage, and the Literary Lives of Shirley Hazzard and Francis Steegmuller”
John Kinsella and Charmaine Papertalk-Green, “Eclogue Failure or Success: the Collaborative Activism of Poetry”
Maggie Nolan, “Shedding Clothes: Performing cross-cultural exchange through costume and writing in Kim Scott’s That Deadman Dance”
Hayley Katzen, “On Privacy”
Shaun Bell, “The (fictional) Life and (self ) Writing of Sumner Locke Elliott”
Jill Dimond, “The Blue Mirage”
Helen O’Reilly, “The poet in her past: Eleanor Dark and Christopher Brennan”


Joe Dolce, “The Influence of C.P. Cavafy: Interview with Dorothy Porter”


Matt Hall, “refuge”
Alex Miller, “Untitled”
Berndt Sellheim, “Backfill”
Alan Gould, “The Epochs Must Go Chatterbox”; “The Insistent Face to Face”
Cassandra Atherton, “Wilkie Collins”
Geoff Page, “A Drinking Song for A.D. Hope”
Mark Mordue, “A Letter for The Emperor”
Grace Heyer, “Sleep training”
Chris Andrews, “Advanced Souvlaki”
Jill Jones, “In this Wake”
Margaret Bradstock, “Scott’s dream”
Rico Craig, “August 28, 1988”


Carmel Bird, “Surrogate”
Craig Billingham, “The Final Cast”
Sue Parker, “Was Washed Ashore: Of Other Worlds”
Kevin Smith, “Pit Bull”
Nasrin Mahoutchi, “Standing in the Cold”


Peter Kirkpatrick, of Mervyn O’Hara, Songs of Darlinghurst 
Michelle Borzi, of David Musgrave, Concrete Tuesday
A.J. Carruthers, of Michael Farrell, Cocky’s Joy and of Les Murray, Waiting for the Past
Sally Evans, of Mireille Juchau, The World Without Us
Tessa Lunney, of Debra Adelaide, The Women’s Pages
Kate Livett, of Karen Lamb, Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather; of Kate Grenville, One Life: My Mother’s Story; and
of Michael Wilding, Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall 
Ken Bolton, of Tim Wright, The night’s live changes
Bonny Cassidy, of Collected Poems: Lesbia Harford

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COVER: Photo by David Brooks


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