Southerly 73.3

The Naked Writer

From the newest to the most established it would be an unusual writer who did not feel exposed – naked – at several stages in the creation and presentation of a work: when they sit down to the demands (so often their own demands of themselves) of the blank page or screen, when they first show the work to another, and when the work becomes subject to the comments and analyses of reviewers, critics, scholars.




Ann-Marie Priest, “Colour and Crazy Love”: Gwen Harwood and Vera Cottew
Scott Esposito, The Gate Deferred: J.M. Coetzee and the Battle against Doubt
Robert Darby, A boy’s best friend is his Dick: Homosociality and homo-eroticism in Martin Boyd’s Scandal of Spring
Michael Buhagiar, Christopher Brennan and A.C. Swinburne
Ellin Williams, The Mountain’s Dark Hole: A History of Jenolan Caves
Rowena Lennox, Head of a Dog
Peter Mitchell, Bearing Witness: the Narratives of Gary Dunne in the Name of HIV/AIDS


Tracy Ryan, Hoard Hider, Hoard Finder, Orphaned Hoard, Hoard Hurt
Judith Beveridge, Peterhead
Geoff Page, Angus
Beibei Chen, Here, There
D.J. Huppatz, Legends of Concrete Poetry
Stephen Edgar, The Sense of an Ending
Jacob Ziguras, Vanity Fair
John Tranter, Lost Weekend in Boca Raton
Paul Summers, the blade & the lamb
pete spence, The Dirigible Games, Trivia, Exiting
Ali Jane Smith, The Galapagos
Simeon Kronenberg, Death of a Bull
Roo Stove, Panel II: Three Steps
John Watson, A Piano Painted White
Ross Donlon, Storm Water


Alex Miller, A Circle of Kindred Spirits


John A. Scott, André Breton in Melbourne
Meredith Downes, Anatomically Correct
Nike Sulway, The Lost Man
Tessa Lunney, The Mare


Michelle Borzi, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, New and Selected Poems


Anne Brewster, of Melissa Lucashenko, Mullumbimby
Aaron Mannion, of John Kinsella, Armour and Jam Tree Gully
John Tranter, of Pam Brown, Home by Dark