War and Peace

Long Paddock


Grant Cochrane: “Two Lives
Eva Collins: “Recognition”, “The Waltz
Lucy Czerwiec: “One ANZAC Minute
Brett Dionysius: “Lance Corporal Leonard Maurice Keysor”, “Corporal Alexander Stewart Burton” from Lone Pine Sonnets
Cassie Lewis: “Brooklyn
Gita Mammen: “Blessed with Beauty and Grace
Ron Pretty: “A Glass Ceiling
Erin Martine Sessions: “Caesarea Maritima
Ali Jane Smith: “The Walk
Rodney Williams: “Come Back Down Here


Annelise Balsamo: “Teaching and Telling World War I
Clare Rhoden: “‘Whichever and whatever it was’: Rendering War and Peace in Australian WWI Narratives


David Frost: “As Sheep to War
Gregory Lewis: “Between Bells
Sheila Ngoc Pham: “Black April
Melanie Pryor: “Blood Land


Mark O’Flynn: “The Eagle
Fikret Pajalic: “Tomorrow
Matthew Abud: “Dive
Eva Bujalka: “Journal of the Plague Week
Sarah Kanake: “Le Mai Huong


Shaun Bell: of Martin Boyd: When Blackbirds Sing
Michelle Borzi: of Alan Wearne, Prepare the Cabin for Landing
A.J Carruthers: of Nick Whittock, hows its
Sally Evans: of Libby Hart, Wild, and Bonnie Cassidy, Final Theory
Kate Livett: of reissues of Elizabeth Jolley, Thea Astley, Xavier Herbert, and T.G.H. Strehlow
R.D. Wood: of Burruga Gutya Ken Canning, Yimbama; Philip Gijindarraji Hall, Sweetened in Coals; Natalie Harkin, Dirty Words, and Sam Wagan Watson, Love Poems and Death Threats.

Notes on contributors


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