Southerly 75.3

War and Peace

“The War to End All Wars did no such thing and we find, in 2016, Australian personnel in multiple theatres of military engagement, a world riven with violent conflict and orchestrated cruelty, unprecedented numbers of peoples, and the all too familiar rise of the fascistic responses as imagined antidotes to chaos.” This issue of Southerly marks the centenary of World War I with a striking and thought-provoking collection of essays, memoir, short fiction and poetry on subjects ranging from individual experience of the Spanish Civil War, the war in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and the Iraq-Iran conflict of 1980-88 to imagined impacts of nuclear attack on Australian cities and reconsiderations of some of the key Australian literary responses to Gallipoli and the Western Front.




Susan Adams: “Red Horizon”
Brook Emery: “The Brown Current”
Peter Bakowski: “Poem for those fleeing a war zone”
Chris Parsons: “Field Punishment No. 1”
Liam Ferney: “Real Estate”
Jordie Albiston: “Δ4”
Lorraine McGuigan: “Questions”
Kate Fagan: “Shadow the Spring”
Anne M Carson: “Of the 2,700: one voice”
Dean Elphick: “Routine”
Anna Minska: “quarter jew”
Erin Martine Sessions: “Masada”
Beth Spencer: “The Nine Principles of Breema”
Angela Gardner: “Battlefield Photograph”


Robin Gerster: “Our Ground Zero: Future Wars and the Imagined Destruction of Australia’s Cities”
Philip Butterss: “Writing the Anzac legend: The Moods of Ginger Mick
Suzanne Falkiner: “Six Degrees of Separation: Randolph Stow, Patrick White and Barley Alison”
Michelle Hamadache: “Ethical Transgressions: Crossing the Borders between Algeria and Australia”
Fiona Richards: “‘the whole landscape dazzling and shrilling’: Soundscapes of war and peace in David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter
Sylvia Martin: “Aileen Palmer: Political Activist and ‘poet of conscience’”
Ffion Murphy and Richard Nile: “The Naked Anzac: Exposure and Concealment in A.B. Facey’s A Fortunate Life


Moreno Giovannoni: “When the War Came to San Ginese”
Nina Seja: “The White Fox Remembers its History”
Michael Hamel-Green: “Wanted for War”
Rory Steele: “Iran–Iraq War: Diplomats on the Ground”


Peter Dickison: “Eye Into Eye”
Catherine McNamara: “The Bamboo Furnace”
Tessa Lunney: “V”
David Thomas Henry Wright: “Feckless”
Rowena Lennox: “After the War”


Michael Farrell: of Chris Andrews, Lime Green Chair, and Benedict Andrews, Lens Flare
Tessa Lunney: of Gregory Day, Archipelago of Souls
Vivian Smith: of David Brooks, Open House
Barnaby Smith: of Angela Gardner, The Told World, and Stu Hatton, Glitching

COVER: Ian Howard, The People’s Submarine, 1988, Cast bronze

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