Southerly at the Sydney Writers’ Festival!

As well as being an editor of Southerly, David Brooks is a novelist, poet, and academic. You can see him speak at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, which is held from May 18th to 26th. Make sure you check out ‘Poetry in the Caves‘, as he hosts a poetry reading in Jenolan Caves.

David will also be speaking on the following panels,

The Ivanhoe Hotel: Australian Creativity with Stephen Gale
Philosophy and Writing with Scarlett Thomas, Damon Young and Joe Gelonesi
What the Classics Teach Us with Robert Greene, Richard Gill and Alastair Blanshard

You can also see Toby Fitch, our Poetry Reviews Editor, speak about his poetic practice at ‘Following Gertrude Stein‘ along with Michael Farrell and Jill Jones, two regular Southerly contributors, as well as Astrid Lorange.

In fact, many of our contributors can be found at SWF, not just those of Southerly’s editorial team.  We look forward to a week of running around listening to them all.