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Andrew Burke reviews Pam Brown’s ‘click here for what we do’ & Ken Bolton’s ‘Starting at Basheer’s’

“One can only write if one arrives at the instant towards which one can only move through space opened up by the movement of writing.” Maurice Blanchot These two books sit on my desk with my favourite pages marked like kite feathers: Pam Brown’s click here for what we do and Ken Bolton’s Starting At Basheer’s, both published by VAGABOND PRESS in 2018. These two poets have been publishing through many different publishers at regular intervals since the Sixties, both with titles numbering in their twenties. The world around them has changed markedly and yet their creative personalities still shine…

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Collaboration – Best with a Little Stir

Andrew Burke Recently I posted here about Collaborative poetry, citing examples by renga poets, a ‘mock’ poet, and an award-winning Canadian poet, Phil Hall, and myself. As usual, I stepped in blindly, and started writing before I had done the research. This is the creative side of me: I’m just an excitable boy, as some pop song said years ago. When I was a university lecturer, I warned students off relying on Wikipedia for their research. It was early days for the online encyclopaedia; many of the entries were biased and incomplete. I still believe Wiki has to be used…

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Andrew Burke hey cuckoo– are you scolding the loafer? – Issa, 1813 Friend and fellow poet, Canadian Phil Hall, has just won the prestigious Governor General’s Poetry Award for 2011. His winning book was Killdeer, published by Bookthug. You can read more here.I’ve been procrastinating for days about writing this. I have no idea why, but events have caught up with me and now is the time. Being only human, I tend to pay more attention to the books and poems of the poets I know personally, so I’ve been reading and, frankly, puzzling over a lot of Phil’s work…

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Flight Log – Poetry with Wings

Andrew Burke Boarding cards were the ultimate bookmarks – you were issued one before you left and when you woke somewhere between here and Frankfurt they reminded you at bleary breakfast that Fiona had just been cornered in a grimy basement and you were winging now over Romania and would be free in two hours. From an unpublished poem Vanishing Species by Andrew Taylor. This poem is a wonderful example of a new breed of poem which has grown up since the Wright Brothers took to the air. When people say there is nothing new for poetry to say –…

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Day One

Andrew Burke Today, I read a sign which said, ‘When you write your life story, don’t let anybody else’s hand on the pen’. Now, that feels so right to me when I apply it to poetry – but then … there’s a multi-handed force directing my hands called ‘influence’. We all have them, no matter how we try to ditch them along the way. Even Tranter with his tricky manoeuvres – they’re learnt from Oulipo and his influence from Ashbery is well documented. Or the poets who murmur Sylvia Plath poems to their pillows and write their shadow texts at…

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Long Paddock for Southerly 71.3: A Nest of Bunyips

Southerly 71.3 is available to purchase here. This link will take you to our old GumRoad storefront (an external site). Remaining issues will be moved to our own site, here, soon. POETRY Rae Desmond Jones, Ash Wednesday Stuart Barnes, Cocoon Andrew Burke, “The birds are still in flight . . . ” Liam Byrne, soviet kitsch Peter Dawncy, ruins Michael Farrell, Telephone Liam Ferney, NC-17 Ian Gibbins, Dr Korsakoff and Colleagues Report Philip Hammial, Dear Sisters and Brothers D.J. Huppatz, Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels Greg McLaren, The rusting land . . . , from Broken Ng Mei-kwan, Rainstorm (trans. Bonnie S. McDougall)…

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Next Monthly Blogger – Andrew Burke!

Ali Cobby Eckerman has provided us with a month of thought-provoking posts and fabulous poetry. Next up is Andrew Burke. His bio is below: Andrew Burke is an Australian writer with publications going back to the 1960s. He has published mainly as a poet, but has also had small plays on the boards, tiny films on the screen and short stories sprinkled over the years. After one career as a Creative Director in advertising, he went into academe in mid-age. He fancies being a ringmaster in a circus next.  His most recent collections Beyond City Limits (Edith Cowan University, 2009), Blue Rose (novel,http://etextpress.com/books.htm)…

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Long Paddock for Southerly 69.3: The Poetry Issue

Southerly 69.3.1 is available to purchase here – In Print | Digital. This link will take you to our old GumRoad storefront (an external site). Remaining issues will be moved to our own site, here, soon. REVIEWS Ken Bolton reviews Blow Out by Rae Desmond Jones Andrew Burke reviews Interstitial Journeys by Marvis Sofield, Strands by Barbara De Franceschi, Blow Out by Rae Desmond Jones, and The Ambrosiacs by Les Wicks POETRY “Some Photos for Gabe” by Ken Bolton “Zottegem” by Pam Brown ESSAY Adrienne Sallay on Vicki Viidikas NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Click here to browse our store