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Call for Papers: Comedy and Errors

Show us your funnies! Southerly is looking for a small number of essays and memoir, poems and short fiction on the theme of Comedy and Errors. From the laugh-out-loud to the wryly ironic, from biting satire to gag-a-minute, Southerly 77.3 Comedy & Errors considers comedy in all its forms. Comedy as genre, as a mode of cultural critique, as a reflection and a prediction, we want your work on textual laughs. We’re looking for diverse voices, historical perspectives and considerations of the role of comedy in the development of Australian literature. Please contact editor Elizabeth McMahon (e.mcmahon@unsw.edu.au) if you have…

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Call for Papers: The Long Apprenticeship

Southerly calls for papers for their new issue, 77.2 The Long Apprenticeship.For this issue, Southerly seeks writing from students from secondary and tertiary students, as well as established writers. The techno-driven, identity- and flag-obsessed, post-modern, post-human, post-capitalist, post-truth world fissures thinking from making, craft from responsibility. Writing is the time to think deeply upon world and language, the fusing of thinking and making. The journey from fledgling writer to author is often long, beset by hardships, both existential and economic, and too often only ends with death, or defeat (not mutually exclusive). Yet Creative Writing is the growing discipline of…

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