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Reading Secondhand: Donald Horne in the post and Frank Moorhouse from The Record King

Ali Jane Smith On the Monday morning after the election, with no party yet able to form a government, I turned on the radio. While I put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, ABC RN’s Fran Kelly was interviewing one of the winners, losers, or too-close-to-callers. I heard the candidate, whoever he was, say “I think Australia is a lucky country.” The water came to a boil, I changed the station. The Lucky Country: Australia in the Sixties, was a book Donald Horne wrote while he was working for the Packers, editing magazines. The title came from…

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by Justin Clemens When July with its bluster and showers comes around to mark the jagged break between antipodean tertiary semesters, then longen scholars to goon to conferences. This season, I took my face out for a walk — as Stéphane Mallarmé says — to two of them. Each had a title, one perhaps snappier than the other. The first, organized by Kate Montague, Sigi Jöttkandt, and Mark Steven from UNSW, bore the name Reason Plus Enjoyment (R+E) and took place 10-14 July.[1] The second, organized by Deirdre Coleman, Claire Knowles, and Peter Otto (what’s with these organizational trinities?), was…

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