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On Magic and Other Secrets

by Tara June Winch I generally let the common cold ruin me and then pass, and try to avoid having to see a doctor and take antibiotics at all costs. Last week, though, I saw a doctor. We talked not about the sniffles, but about my hand; my great bulging, and throbbing hand. It happened a month ago, I woke with a numb left hand, unable to lean on it, hold objects and was resigned to type painfully. The months before the same thing had happened to my left foot, the month before this incident it happened to the right…

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by Eileen Chong 23 June 2016 1:44am                                                                          Sydney, Australia Dearest Joci, Hello! As I’m writing this, you must be in the waiting room of your doctor’s office. I hope the wait isn’t too long. I can’t believe what happened to you, or the fact that five-leaved clovers are so unlucky. Life is a bit of a joke at times. I don’t even know how long it has been since I last saw you. I think it was in 2005 or 2006, in Singapore, when you visited. I still have the wonderful blue and gold swirl mosaic tile you made…

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Seeing Angels

by Fiona Wright I saw ‘Angels in America’ over two evenings at the Belvoir St Theatre last week. I have a long history with Belvoir – when I first moved out of the suburbs, one of the advantages of my new proximity to the city that I was determined to make best use of was my sudden accessibility to theatres, and I corralled two of my three housemates (the other one was a train driver) into taking out youth subscriptions, which in those days included a free drink with each show, namely a ‘Sierra Slammer’ pre-mix, made of ‘tequila flavour’,…

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