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The Ham Actor

by Corey Wakeling 1. A secret to admit. I’ve been writing novels lately, but only as a bellows to an unlit fire. The tinder of poetry hasn’t taken for almost a year, shooting a few sparks in the last week, but otherwise perfectly unlit since February 2015 when I moved from my home of six years, Melbourne, to Western Japan. Initially when I arrived here last year I wrote poetry kind of desperately. Because of a month’s window of free time but also due to unexplainable bodily malaise, I was feeling mortally determined to preserve what thinking was immediately at…

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Sustaining Speechlessness

by Corey Wakeling It’s no surprise that the first approach to writing about the birth of a child is usually sentiment. Sentiment tries to respond to, though not exhaust or compare with, the gravity of the inception of new life. When the child is yours, that is, belonging to a category you can call “family”, one proposes to do justice to that gravity, to build a structure Atlas-like enough to sit the infant on, perched like a parrot, to talk back to the impending future. The inherent power of words like brotherhood, sisterhood, family, ancestor, care, even love, are predicated…

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