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Guidelines for commenting

Although we say these are guidelines, they are, in fact, more like rules. Please adhere to them, or your comments will not be posted. We encourage discussion and robust criticism, however: We will not tolerate personal attacks on the blogger, or on the editors of Southerly. We will not tolerate personal attacks on other people who have commented. Comments must discuss the blog post, and the blog post only. You must not link to sites of a sexual or illegal nature. You must not use our blog for advertisement or promotion. Links to the commenters blog site is allowed, but…

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New Monthly Blogger: Chris Raja!

First off, we’d like to thank Sam Cooney for his excellent, stimluating posts. Next up we have Chris Raja, who was recently published in our 70.3 India India edition. His bio Chris Raja migrated to Melbourne from Calcutta in 1986, and almost twenty years later he moved again, further inland, living and working in Alice Springs since 2004. Chris is a teacher and a regular contributor to numerous magazines including Art Monthly Australia (for whom he is the NT Art Correspondent). The First Garden, a play by Chris Raja and his wife Natasha Raja, brings to life the extraordinary woman, that was, Miss Olive Muriel Pink. This season…

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India India

From useful surveys of Indian-Australian literary relations to a challenging appraisal of the coverage of recent attacks on Indian students in Australia; from a resurrection of the Indian Mollie Skinner to a ground-breaking comparison of life writings by Aboriginal and Dalit/Untouchable women, plus a haunting and absorbing array of stories and poems from some of the most exciting contemporary Indian and Australian writers, India India not only presents a veritable feast from the subcontinent, but reflects just how deeply our cultures, literary and otherwise, are intertwined. An, as ever, there is a selection of the best new Australian writing, whatever its subject.…

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South Countries: John Kinsella, J.S. Harry

It is cold, deepest cold, the lake frozen as far as the eye can see, which is not so far because there is also mist, low and heavy, a twilight mist, swept, as if it came from an endless plain, a vast tundra, by an icy blast, constantly changing, constantly the same. And semi-darkness. Hardly a soul in sight, if you can call them souls, although there is perhaps nothing else that they can be called. The sense of them, rather than the presence, a track worn by footsteps across a ridge of ice, mud mixed into it, making the…

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Long Paddock Teaser!

The next issue of Southerly, our much anticipated India-Australia issue, is due in March. But we hate to keep you waiting any longer, so we have for you a Long Paddock teaser! Part of the Long Paddock, our free online component, is going up today to give you a taste of the fabulous bumper issue to come. We have stories, poems, reviews and essays – and that’s just for starters! More content will go up when the issue comes out. So check out the Long Paddock, and let us know what you think! Cheers, Tessa

An Editor Out of Hiding.

Firstly, welcome to the Southerly blog, and a Southerly that is going from strength to strength.  Thanks to our on-line component, The Long Paddock, we are publishing more material than ever. Despite the Global Financial Crisis, which has hit publishing badly and literary magazines very badly indeed, our subscription list is growing. And our social network is thriving. Our Facebook friends list has gone from zero to over two thousand in a matter of weeks. We are now accepting emailed submissions. We are now, thanks to Facebook, able to let our friends know in advance the themes of forthcoming issues.…

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Hi! and Welcome to the Southerly monthly bloggers!

Our blog has been up for a couple of months now, but so far we’ve only been using it to let you now about our new issues. However this is all about to change. In 2011 we are starting our Southerly monthly bloggers program. The way it works is this: every month a different writer will host the monthly bloggers program. They will post about their adventures in literature, writing, publishing, words… the content is open and free, the only proviso is that they post about writing. As Southerly is a journal of Australian literature, all our bloggers will be…

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