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On Writers Block

I’m meant to write this final blog, I said I would, I made a promise. I must, but, I can’t, I’ve tried for a week and nothing comes up, a blank abyss, I’m writing fiction at least – my head is engulfed in fiction right now and there is absolutely no way I can maneuver it to this promised blog post. I’ve been trying to write about Virginia Woolf’s electric, 1929 call to arms essay, A Room of One’s Own and muse on that early line that – “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. But I can’t write about it because my desk is literally in the living room, the kitchen, the front door and the back door at once and I just couldn’t grab an ironic break to think this week.

On Magic and Other Secrets

by Tara June Winch I generally let the common cold ruin me and then pass, and try to avoid having to see a doctor and take antibiotics at all costs. Last week, though, I saw a doctor. We talked not about the sniffles, but about my hand; my great bulging, and throbbing hand. It happened a month ago, I woke with a numb left hand, unable to lean on it, hold objects and was resigned to type painfully. The months before the same thing had happened to my left foot, the month before this incident it happened to the right…

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In Sickness and in Health

 by Tara June Winch We’re home now; I’m at that vantage point, sorting boarding pass stubs into the recycling, shaking the sand out of bag linings, looking back at photographs, at diary entries without dates; looking back with the fogginess of a fresh return. Earlier this week in the AirBnb on the headland in Tamarama, I wrote: “Disney channel is on in the background. There is nowhere to hide on the road. There is no time, no length of quiet in my mind to write. We’ve been sick too, I couldn’t write then also, but I didn’t fight through that…

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The Vegetarian Regular at the Meat House Cafe

by Tara June Winch I’m typing this on my best friend’s deck, during a winter that feels like a summer. I’m using her laptop, I don’t own one myself. I’m the writer without the laptop. Back home in France I have a PC, the keyboard is AZERTY and this one is QWERTY so q’s are appearing where a’s are meant to and so on. Home now is France and the best friend’s deck is Australia, the edge of the Gold Coast. Here birdsong lasts 24 hours, the baby in the far room wakes at 3am, 5am, and refuses with indignation…

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August Monthly Blogger – Tara June Winch!

An enormous thanks to Ali Jane Smith for her excellent posts. This month our blogger is Tara June Winch. Her bio is below. Tara June Winch is a Wiradjuri writer based in France. Her first novel Swallow the Air won numerous literary awards and has been on the education and HSC curriculum since 2009. She was previously named Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist. Her second book After the Carnage was recently published. Her forthcoming novel is The Yield.