Southerly 69.1: Animal


Where dwells the animal in Australian thought?


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Southerly 69.1


Where dwells the animal in Australian thought? The vast majority of that thought goes not to consideration of the species barrier, or to matters of animal cruelty and animal rights, but to the marketing of animal products. Yet certain Australians have been at the forefront of animal rights issues in recent times – Peter Singer, J. M Coetzee, David Malouf, A. D. Hope, J. S. Harry and others.

This issue includes stimulating contributions from Dominic Hyde on Richard Sylvan and Val Plumwood, major figures in the critique of anthrocentrism; Helen Tiffin on Peter Goldsworthy; and essays by Yvonne Smith on David Malouf, Tracy Ryan on A. D. Hope, John Kinsella on John Boyle O’Reilly. And this is only to scratch the flea in our coat. There are also essays on Coetzee, essays by animal rights activists, and about the Belconnen Roos.


Caroline Caddy, Magpies, Cricket, Written from the South Coast of Western Australia
Lawrence Bourke, The Naval Radio Towers at Belconnen
Adrian Robinson, Nullabor
Graeme Hetherington, Nemesis
Benjamin Dodds, Wyndham’s Crow
Louis Armand, Sometimes, Apart in Sleep, by Chance, La guerre est finie
πO, Lyrebird, Captain Cook
Pam Brown, Country Town
Marvis Sofield, Rabbitting
Sam Byfield, Writing My Way Back To Her
Hector Kavanagh, The Money Flu
Alyssa Ryan, Flannery O’Connor, Georges Bataille
Adrienne Eberhard, Words for Love
Jonathan Hadwen, Auguries
David Musgrave, Wet Season
Tracy Ryan, Frogmouth

Jennifer Robertson, Party
Anthony Gough, The Lizards
Helen Gildfind, Adrian
Colin Varney, Rhythm Section
Teja, Alienation

Jacinta van den Berg, Interview with Brian Castro

Ray and Carolyne Drew, The Harvest
Helen Tiffin, Animal Writes: Ethics, Experiments and Peter Goldsworthy’s Wish
Dominic Hyde, Two in the Bush: The environmental philosophy of Val Routley/Plumwood and Richard Routley/Sylvan
John Kinsella, A Close Reading of John Boyle O’Reilly’s “The Dukite Snake: A West Australian Bushman’s Story”
Alan Gold, Destroying Species: A Literary Perspective
Tracy Ryan, Cold Greed and Rankling Guilt: A Re-reading of A. D. Hope’s “The Cetaceans”
Yvonne Smith Hunter or hunted? David Malouf’s Poetic of the Human and Inhuman
Coral Hull, The Greater Reality of Animals
John Hadley, “We cannot experience abstractions”: Moral Responsibility for “Eternal Treblinka”
Andrew Game, Pecked, Naked and Stuffed: Paul Wenz on the Suffering of Animals
Bonnie Cassidy, Fautrier’s Birds

Marilla North on Brigid Rooney, Literary Activists: Writer-intellectuals and Australian public life
Marilla North on Jill Roe, Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography


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