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Launch of 72.3 Islands and Archipelagos!

Southerly is launching its new issue, 72.3 Islands and Archipelagos. There will be readings from the writers, wine, nibbles, and fabulous good feeling. The details are below: When: Tuesday May 28th, 6 for 6:30pm Where: Common Room, John Woolley Building, University of Sydney (map here: http://sydney.edu.au/maps/campuses/?area=CAMDAR ) We deeply regret that this venue can only be accessed via stairs. RSVP: admin@southerlylitmag.com.au/ …or just turn up. See you there!

Islands and Archipelagos

In addition to being the planet’s sole island continent, Australia is comprised of many islands: 8,222 according to Geoscience Australia, as well as many others in its external territories. Islands have been at the forefront of heated public policy regarding asylum seekers and detention, and in relation to rising oceans. So, too, the man at the centre of the fight for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land rights, Eddie Mabo, came from Mer (Murray Island) in the Eastern Torres Strait. Some Australian islands have been homelands for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people for millennia, while colonial culture recognised the…

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