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‘Solastalgia’ at Cementa15 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW

by Anna Gibbs Writing, art and performance are increasingly intertwined in new forms of creative cultural activism. Writing is central to our understanding of images, and of art  – even art that is not text-based. Even if visual experience can’t be reduced to language, language nevertheless plays a key role in configuring our sensory experience and enculturating our perception of it, as art theorist WJT Mitchell has shown. And new forms of interaction between writing and image are also having an impact on the literary, the shorter forms necessitated by it often giving rise to more experimental modes of writing.…

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The Reef is Not a Poem

by Nicolette Stasko When I began to think about a topic for my first post I realised that I had an opportunity to write about something I am passionate about but don’t usually get to address: conservation and the environment as represented by the natural phenomenon of the Great Barrier Reef. Readers who are familiar with my poetry or my book Oyster: from Montparnasse to Greenwell Point, would not find my interest surprising. For me, like many poets (including Judith Wright, whose work is also a main focus of this piece), the land and especially the sea is a ‘manifestation…

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