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by Angela Rockel Salient: [— L. saliens, –ent-, pr. pple. of salire leap] 1. Leaping, jumping … of animals … of water … 3. Salient point: in old medical use, the heart as it first appears in an embryo; hence, the first beginning of life or motion; the starting-point of anything (OED) The waning moon rises later and later, nearer and nearer to dawn, ever thinner, until, lined up between earth and the sun, only its unlit face is turned our way. Then after a pause it reappears, a shining filament on the evening horizon. High pressure systems flatten the…

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by Angela Rockel capable of being in uncertainties John Keats Working at night, I disturbed a little bat; I heard wings and thought a bird had found its way in, then recognised the sound and saw the dark, glove-leather sheen of fingered webbing as the bat made puzzled rounds of my head in the glow of the screen. It’s a chocolate wattled bat – they hibernate for a shorter time than the other seven species that live on the island. Tucked into a fold of curtain or wall-space cranny, this one is already beginning to rouse from its winter sleep.…

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by Angela Rockel We crawled down into the dark and we waited When I was a child I loved to take charcoal from the fireplace and grind it to paste with water to make ink. Its opacity fascinated me – I would hold the jar to the sun, tilting it to find the thin meniscus at the very edge of the liquid through which some light could find its way. It was the world of darkness in small; I could come nearer to it, hold it in my hand, touch its surface and watch the end of my finger disappear…

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by Angela Rockel Rogue intensities roam the streets of the ordinary. Kathleen Stewart, Ordinary Affects There’s a memory I carried as a series of sensations, wordless, all through my childhood: I’m looking at something that fills my visual field. It’s a surface, squarish, textured and undulating, patterned with lines. Around its edge it separates into projections – I discover that I can move the thing, turn it and find another side, a different texture. Eventually words attached themselves to this experience – surface, line, projections, move – but it was twenty years or more before I put them together to…

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August monthly blogger – Angela Rockel!

A huge thanks to Gretchen Shirm for her excellent, interesting posts. This month, our blogger is Angela Rockel. Her bio is below. Angela Rockel is a writer and editor who lives in southern Tasmania. Her poetry, articles, reviews and interviews have appeared in the Age, Australian Women’s Book Review, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Famous Reporter, 5 Bells, Hobo, Island, Jacket, Meanjin, RealTime, Salt, Siglo, Southerly, Southern Review, and a poetry collection, Fire Changes Everything, was included in the Penguin Australian Poetry Series edited by Judith Rodriguez. Photo: Ngaire Green