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‘Solastalgia’ at Cementa15 Arts Festival, Kandos NSW

by Anna Gibbs Writing, art and performance are increasingly intertwined in new forms of creative cultural activism. Writing is central to our understanding of images, and of art  – even art that is not text-based. Even if visual experience can’t be reduced to language, language nevertheless plays a key role in configuring our sensory experience and enculturating our perception of it, as art theorist WJT Mitchell has shown. And new forms of interaction between writing and image are also having an impact on the literary, the shorter forms necessitated by it often giving rise to more experimental modes of writing.…

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Mycelial Dreamings at Cementa15

by Anna Gibbs Photo credit: Nell Schofield Cementa15 is the second iteration of a biannual arts festival held in Kandos, NSW, a ‘postindustrial’ town out back beyond the Blue Mountains. Originally established as housing for the workers at Australian Cement, Kandos was abandoned by the company – though not by its residents – when the former closed around 2012. The town is also home away from home to  Sydney art writer Ann Finegan, who runs Kandos Projects, a shopfront in the main street, as an artist residency, and home to artists Alex Wisser, Christine Macmillan, co-directors (with Finegan) of the…

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