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Cesar Aira and The Green Ray: What I’ve Been Reading, Part One

by Luke Beesley I’m currently reading Shantytown by Argentinian author Cesar Aira. It’s the seventh Aira (6 novels and a short story collection) I’ve read since I began reading him in – when was it? – late 2014? He really was the literary discovery of 2014/2015 for me, and as I began reading I simultaneously learned of his eccentric processes or methods, which involve sitting in a café each morning with an espresso, writing one-or-two pages in fountain pen on paper, picking up from the hijinks (the plot) of the day previous, and then spending the rest of the day…

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The Novel

by Aashish Kaul There is a line in Alberto Manguel’s With Borges where, reminiscing about his childhood, Borges reveals how in those days he would regularly accompany his father to the National Library in Buenos Aires and, too timid to ask for a book, would often simply pull out a volume of the Britannica and read at random. This is how he said he learned in one day about ‘the Druids, the Druzes and Dryden.’ The brief statement is delivered by the ageing writer in his typical casual manner, but its intent is clear: a reader can derive all of…

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