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Superb Mornings, Drunken Swallows.

by Christopher Cyrill I despise the word blog. I mean no offence to bloggers anywhere and mean no criticism of the concept. I just don’t like the word. I don’t like the word frangipani either. After keeping a writer’s journal for many years I found rereading them a kind of torture that I expect to be reserved for my postdays. (My purgatory, my perdition – read what you wrote down about fiction and process at the age of twenty-nine…now push this rock up that hill, forever.) I view all of my work to this point as juvenilia. And I can’t…

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New Monthly Blogger – Christopher Cyrill!

An enormous thanks to Corey Wakeling for his excellent posts. This month our blogger is Christopher Cyrill. His bio is below. Christopher Cyrill is the author of the novels The Ganges and its Tributaries and Hymns for the Drowning.  He has also published numerous stories, articles and written a number of broadcasted radioplays. For many years he was the fiction editor of the much mourned HEAT Literary International and the fiction editor of Giramondo Publishing. He has taught at Sydney, Macquarie, Newcastle, Wollongong, A.C.U and New South universities and currently runs his own writing academy and mentors writers. He has…

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