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Long Paddock for Southerly 79.2: Writing Through Fences

The island continent has created an archipelago of incarceration spanning from South East Asia, Micronesia and Melanesia in the Pacific,

Long Paddock for Southerly 79.1: 80!

Southerly has turned 80! Founded in 1939, Southerly has been published continuously for fully four score years. This is a

Long Paddock for Southerly 78.3: Violence

In literary terms, violence provides a readymade drama, an impetus for action and reaction, shock, emotion, transformation—from Milton’s War in

Long Paddock for Southerly 78.2: The Lives of Others

Long Paddock The Lives of Others is concerned with the debts and obligations that accompany the passing of the generations.

Long Paddock for Southerly 78.1: Festschrift: David Brooks

This issue of Southerly pays tribute to David Brooks, who is retiring as editor after two decades’ stewardship. It includes

Long Paddock for Southerly 77.3: Mixed Messages

The theme of this issue, Mixed Messages, relates in the main to a thread running through the essays, all of
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