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And now for something completely (well, maybe not completely) different

by Nicolette Stasko Interviewer: Well, hello Nicolette, glad you could make it. NS: Thanks, happy to be here. Interviewer: Just a few straightforward questions to get started. NS: Fire away. Interviewer: Is your nationality American? NS: No, I’m Australian. Interviewer: What are you reading at the moment? NS: I had dinner with my Inspector Maigret supplier last week and now have a new stock of Simenon. I chose A Crime in Holland to read first, as it sounded the least ‘dark’, hoping not to get too excited or addicted because I have to finish this post. But I’m already halfway…

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Walter’s live blogging – P M Newton at the Tom Keneally Centre

by Walter Mason Greetings! And welcome to the first post from Southerly’s first day of live blogging at the Tom Keneally Centre at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts. My first guest today was the crime writer P M Newton. We sat down in some comfy seats and talked writing, crime and sci-fi – all things that P M Newton is expert in. I first discovered her after I read her fantastic first novel “The Old School,” a gritty and very Australian book set in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown in the late 1980s. What intrigued me about the book…

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