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by Corey Wakeling 3. David Jones * * from the Oxford English Dictionary baldachin, n. 2. A structure in the form of a canopy, either supported on columns, suspended from the roof, or projecting from the wall, placed above an altar, throne, or door-way; so called as having been originally of the material described in prec. sense. etymology: < French baldaquin, Spanish baldaquin, Italian baldacchino, in medieval Latin baldakinus , -ekinus , baudaquinus , -ekinus , < Baldacco , Italian form of Bagdad , the city in Asia where the material was made. David Jones, name of poet of In…

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Pot Tent Shell Litter Rat Shore

by Justin Clemens Although I’d intended to move onto a rather different topic with this, my final post for the Southerly blog, I’ve found myself stuck on the problem of poetry and computing I briefly discussed last week. Although my thinking on this remains pretty infantile, I would want to say that there is an irreconcilable difference between language and information. To commit the unforgivable gaffe of auto-citation: ‘If almost all inherited elements of human communication have now been decisively reconfigured by the new technologies, this is on the basis of essentially technical, trans-human routines of “information-as-code” not “language-as-symbolic-exchange.”’[1] Whatever…

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