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“Becoming-Marfan”: Poetry, Genetics and (Auto)Biography

By Andy Jackson, When I write becoming, you don’t know what words will follow, but you expect something. As a reader, you are thrown into a state of tension, anticipation and presence. Becoming what? It could be anything. But it has to be some kind of transformation, from one state towards another. Becoming is inspired by another state or person, but it’s not about imitation – it’s an improvised movement towards something new and unique. Becoming produces nothing other than itself. We fall into a false alternative if we say that you either imitate or you are. What is real…

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The architecture of grass

by Tom Lee In Bill Gammage’s remarkable book on the land care practices of the first Australians, The Biggest Estate on Earth,‘grass’ is among the most frequently indexed words. It’s up there with ‘Europeans’, ‘animals’, and ‘forest’. In the ‘grass’ entry in the index the reader is told to see also “clearings; fire; grass names; plains”, and the subcategories include: introduced, native, beside water, corridors (see also belts, paths), and on good soil. The word’s semantic reach includes more than half the book. Why is this word so central to Gammage’s thesis? Because the first Australians were experts at caring…

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