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A thousand tiny fettered steps

by Michelle Hamadache  I The mother in me is horrified at that little boy holding onto the pigeon. I’m thinking psittacosis. Mostly I adore his swag, debonair in adidas, his rakish lean against the walls of the kasbah, and his friend stage right eyeing the bird with such adult circumspection. Pigeon and boy front and centre, both bird and boy with me firmly in their sights. Does the pigeon looks happier than might be expected, given her situation? Louiza Ammi took that photo. She’s brilliant and she’s brave. She’s taken photos of riots and of graves. She’s taken photos of…

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Dies Festus

by Justin Clemens   Although the academic conferences dry up like a desert pool, the literary festivals never end. From Adelaide and Alice Springs to Woollahra and the Whitsundays, it’s a perpetually-effervescing celebration of writing of all kinds. Whether you’re into poetry or prose, digital writing or graphic novels, romance, sci-fi, horror, crime, comic extravaganzas, theatricals, screen-writing, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, uncreative writing, business-writing, medical-writing, science-writing, adult or children’s literature, emerging, aging, dead or unborn writers, art books, rare books, common books, no books, Indigenous or Jewish writers, the country, the coast, or the city — there’s a festival for you.…

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