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Love your local literature: get a promo deal today

Six joint subscription deals. Six promo deals. For the next six months, Southerly is offering extra discounts on joint subscriptions with our partner journals. Each month, one journal will be featured – Meanjin, Overland, Island, Westerly, The Lifted Brow, Griffith Review. All you need to do is subscribe to the featured journal in that month to receive the discounts and specials from both journals. From our end, you get a year’s subscription to Southerly for a third off the regular price – only $50. From the other journal – wait and see! Deals, back issues, competitions – it’s all up…

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Southerly and Meanjin, and Overland, and Griffith Review, and Island

Southerly is delighted to announce that we now have joint subscriptions with Meanjin, Overland, Griffith Review and Island. Subscribe to both Southerly and one other journal, and you receive 15% off the total price. Brilliant! And just in time for Christmas. The prices are: Southerly + Meanjin = $128 (save $21.95) Southerly + Overland = $111 (save $18.95) Southerly + Griffith Review = $134.80 (save $23.15) Southerly + Island = $128 (save $21.90) You can subscribe using the specific Paypal buttons on the right-hand side of this post, or download the form from the subscriptions page and circle the deal…

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A few small changes

Lately, we have been working on a few new things to make life easier for you… and for us. Our submission process has been updated. If you would like to submit your creative work for consideration please just head over to our submissions page where you can upload your poetry, fiction or critical writing. Please note that we can only accept unsolicited work from Australian and New Zealand writers. We also have a set of new email addresses. These will help us address your questions and concerns more quickly and efficiently. If you have a question relating to subscriptions or our new submission process,…

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