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Call for Submissions: The Naked Writer 2

      The issue of Southerly titled The Naked Writer, published in March 2014, included outstanding essays, fiction and non-fiction, poetry and reviews on writer, the writing process and the links between life and work. It was so successful, in fact, that we are running a second edition. We want all aspects of ‘the writer laid bare’. We want to see the diction and contradictions, the flamboyant and the fragile, the vulnerable beneath the veneer. We want the naked, the new, and the unknown between the writer and their writing. Southerly is looking for essays and creative non-fiction, stories…

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The Naked Writer

From the newest to the most established it would be an unusual writer who did not feel exposed – naked – at several stages in the creation and presentation of a work: when they sit down to the demands (so often their own demands of themselves) of the blank page or screen, when they first show the work to another, and when the work becomes subject to the comments and analyses of reviewers, critics, scholars.