A Handful of Sand: words to the frontline

71.2 cover




Bruce Pascoe, Rearranging the Dead Cat
Anita Heiss, Media Release: Statement on Eatock vs HWT
Larissa Behrendt, The Bolt case: a refresher snapshot
Joy Makepeace, Learned Helplessness: Australia’s Black History
Declan Furber-Gillick, What role does kinship play in Indigenous practices of sharing?
Alex Bond, Dali’pie the Statesman
Declan Furber-Gillick, Outside In
Joy Makepeace, Reflecting on Addictions


Samia Goudie, I Am Here
Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Miss Goody Two Shoes
Jeanine Leane, Snake Children
Lionel Fogarty, Reality of a Murri Dreaming World
Milly James, Our Elderly Ladies
Noeleen Nuguri O’Keefe, The Cremation
Trevor Deshong, My Friend
Jeanine Leane, After Dreaming – AD 1910
Gayle Kennedy, Koori Girl Goes Shoppin
Natalie Harkin, White Picket Fence
Rosemary Plummer, Purple Manaji Flowers
Norman Rosas, The Fishing Trip
Ali Cobby Eckermann, Intervention Pay Back
Robyn Ridgeway, Minnamurra
Raylene Campion, Standing Over Narrunga Bones
Lionel Fogarty, Spell Your Lagoon Proper
Jared Thomas, Distraction Focus Dream
Ali Cobby Eckermann, Yankunytjatjara Love Poems
Lionel Fogarty, Gone yes, but down stay maddening sad stories
Vicky Roach, Jap
Kaylah Kayemtee Tyson, Can’t Leave Us Alone
Ricky Pascoe, I Wonder…
Alf Taylor, Boney Knees
Brenda Saunders, Looking for Bulin Bulin
Lorna Munroe, Fire Starter… My Life’s Teacher
Milly James, Warlpiri Nation
Jim Everett, Generations
Krystal Anne Lynch, Wybalenna
Barry Cooper, The Short and Curly Shuffle
Sue Jean Stanton, I Love Cheeky Coloured Boys
Brenda Saunders, Deadly
Robyn Ridgeway, The Shame in Telling
Ricky Pascoe, Murri Man
Sue Jean Stanton, Pinjarra
Gayle Kennedy, Viewing the Carved Trees Exhibition
Norman Rosas, Reflection 215


Philip McLaren, Black Silk
Marcus Waters, Naidoc 2011
Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Pay Back Alley
Emily Munyungka Austin, That’s the Troublemaker! Tjilya the Porcupine
Bruce Pascoe, Lament for Three Hands
Eileen Kampakuta Brown, Leaving Iltur (Coffin Hill)
Jannali Jones, Passing, Footprints 108 Edoardo Crismani, Once Were Maori
Ernie Blackmore, Waiting
Eileen Wani Wingfield, They’re the boss of this country
Dylan Coleman, Ngoongi Bala
Edoardo Crismani, 440
Merrill Bray, Gloria Agnala
Cindy Solonec, The Spanish Builder
Christine Black, The Dreaming Story of Wombi Bombi the Wombat
Lorraine McGee Sippel, The Consequences of Writing A Memoir


Jimmy Fejo, Window
Jessie Alberts, Song Poem 2
Trevor Deshong, Still in Love with You
Jessie Alberts, Song Poem
Kerry Reed-Gilbert, And I wanted to be


Natalie Harkin, Remembering Fabienne, Literary Goddess
Lionel Fogarty, Ruby Dilli (Eyes)
Colleen Johnson, The Night the Ambulance Came
Ali Cobby Eckermann, Kumerangke


COVER Edward J. C. Fejo (Larrakiah): Keepers in the Hills

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