Do you know this author? Please help!


Southerly is looking for the following previous contributors to the journal:

Arlene Sykes, author of Jessica Anderson: Arrivals and places in 46.1 1986

D Bigginsauthor of Katharine Susannah Prichard and Dionysos: ‘Bid me to love and brumby innes’ in 43.3 1983

David Ritchie, author of Othello: Iago as Critic

Karen Kaine-Jones, author of Contemporary Aboriginal Drama in 48.4 1988

Robert R Wilson, author of Bushmen in porcelain palaces: Knowing and mistaking in ‘Such is Life’ in 39.2 1979

If you know the author and how to get in touch with them, or with their estate, please contact Southerly at