June Monthly Blogger: Sam Cooney!

We had a wonderful month of thought-provoking posts from Phillip Ellis – thank you, Phillip.

Next up, we have writer Sam Cooney, blogging for us all the way from Berlin. Here’s his bio:

Sam Cooney is a freelance (underworking) writer and editor. Suckled and reared in Melbourne, he right now lives in Berlin, where he pretty much stands all day staring at the city like it’s one of those Magic Eye images from the 90s. Some recent-ish writings can be found in The Lifted BrowNewswrite, The Rumpus and aroundabout the internet. He has recently edited fiction portfolios for The Lifted Brow and Overland, and has close (sexy) affiliations with Voiceworks/Express Media, The Emerging Writers Festival and Sleepers Publishing. You can watch him here on Twitter, and here where he sits and squeezes out blogs from time to time.

Sam’s first post for us will be up very soon, so make sure you keep checking. Remember, you are free to comment on any of the posts, and you can subscribe to these posts via RSS feed.