Last 2011 monthly blogger – Angela Meyer!

Thank you, Andrew Burke, for your excellent posts. Please don’t forget to check out his blog:

For our final monthly blogger for 2011, we have the ever-fabulous Angela Meyer of Literary Minded! Her bio is below:

Angela Meyer is a Melbourne-based writer and reviewer. Her stories and criticism have been published widely, including in The Lifted Brow, Wet Ink, Seizure, Cordite, AntiTHESIS, Bookslut, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and the Australian. For Southerly, she once interviewed author Cate Kennedy. She is a former acting editor of Bookseller+Publisher – the Australian book industry magazine – and runs a popular blog called LiteraryMinded, which for three years was hosted by Crikey. Angela regularly chairs panels at writers’ festivals (and likes to have an excuse to get drunk with writers she admires). She is halfway through a DCA at the University of Western Sydney, surrounded by the inspiring people who make up the Writing and Society Research Group. This year, she went to Europe for almost three months with her partner, and they now have plans of running away to the Scottish Highlands to drink whisky and write.

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