Long Paddock for Southerly 74.1: Forward Thinking: Utopia and Apocalypse

This issue considers how to think about the future in a time that doubts it will occur. It addresses the question of how culture retains its capacity to imagine possible futures in the face of multiple forces that threaten its existence: climate change, global war, the extinction of species. In local terms, Forward Thinking looks at how Australian literature imagines the world beyond present constraints and crises or as its impending corollary.






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Amanda Hickie, Looting Lucy’s
Adam Ousten, Chaos in the Outback
Emma L Waters, Something for a Rainy Day


Alice Allan, After this Short Break
Shevaun Cooley, the bone the island
William Fox, The Butterfly House
Corey Wakeling, Elegy for Epithalamium and Available for Public Events
Mark Young, After Heine


Adrian Caesar, of Geoff Page, New and Selected Poems
Nathan Shepherdson, of Luke Beesley, Balance and New Works on Paper
Nicolette Stasko, of Fiona McFarlane, The Night Guest and Ashley Hay, The Railwayman’s Wife



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