Long Paddock for Southerly 75.3: War and Peace

“The War to End All Wars did no such thing and we find, in 2016, Australian personnel in multiple theatres of military engagement, a world riven with violent conflict and orchestrated cruelty, unprecedented numbers of peoples, and the all too familiar rise of the fascistic responses as imagined antidotes to chaos.”

This issue of Southerly marks the centenary of World War I with a striking and thought-provoking collection of essays, memoir, short fiction and poetry on subjects ranging from individual experience of the Spanish Civil War, the war in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and the Iraq-Iran conflict of 1980-88 to imagined impacts of nuclear attack on Australian cities and reconsiderations of some of the key Australian literary responses to Gallipoli and the Western Front.



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Grant Cochrane: “Two Lives”
Eva Collins: “Recognition”, “The Waltz”
Lucy Czerwiec: “One ANZAC Minute”
Brett Dionysius: “Lance Corporal Leonard Maurice Keysor”, “Corporal Alexander Stewart Burton” from Lone Pine Sonnets
Cassie Lewis: “Brooklyn”
Gita Mammen: “Blessed with Beauty and Grace”
Ron Pretty: “A Glass Ceiling”
Erin Martine Sessions: “Caesarea Maritima”
Ali Jane Smith: “The Walk”
Rodney Williams: “Come Back Down Here”


Annelise Balsamo: “Teaching and Telling World War I”
Clare Rhoden: “‘Whichever and whatever it was’: Rendering War and Peace in Australian WWI Narratives”


David Frost: “As Sheep to War”
Gregory Lewis: “Between Bells”
Sheila Ngoc Pham: “Black April”


Mark O’Flynn: “The Eagle”
Fikret Pajalic: “Tomorrow”
Matthew Abud: “Dive”
Melanie Pryor: “Blood Land”
Eva Bujalka: “Journal of the Plague Week”
Sarah Kanake: “Le Mai Huong”


Shaun Bell: of Martin Boyd, When Blackbirds Sing
Michelle Borzi: of Alan Wearne, Prepare the Cabin for Landing
A.J Carruthers: of Nick Whittock, hows its
Sally Evans: of Libby Hart, Wild, and Bonnie Cassidy, Final Theory
Kate Livett: of reissues of Elizabeth Jolley, Thea Astley, Xavier Herbert, and T.G.H. Strehlow
R.D. Wood: of Burruga Gutya Ken Canning, Yimbama Philip Gijindarraji Hall, Sweetened in Coals

Notes on contributors


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