Long Paddock for Southerly 77.1: Questionable Characters

Questionable characters are the characters we can’t define, forget, resist or feel entirely comfortable with. They challenge out values and beliefs and surprise us with new imaginings of ethos. This issue of Southerly draws together a rich and eclectic range or essays, poetry and fiction. Luigi Gussago argues that Peter Carey’s histories present a challenge to the univocal false-consciousness of Australian colonial history, while Debra Adelaide’s Reading Australia essay on Thea Astley’s Drylands argues that Astley draws “text, author and reader into an embrace so intimate they are barely distinguishable”. The detective fiction “pot-boilers” of Shane Martin, AKA George Johnston, are considered in a new light by Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalzeill. Martin’s detective figure, Challis, “the moon-drifted leprechaun,” is a questionable character, par excellence. All this, plus Southerly’s usual feast of the best new poetry and fiction from Australia and New Zealand, and reviews of the same.


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Reviews and Responses to Contemporary Australian Poetry, ed. Martin Langford et al


Prithvi Varatharajan and Mike Ladd, on Poetica


Craig Cormick, On The Road

Julian Lamb, Down in Araluen

Alex Nelson, A Worm and a Girl

Fikret Pajalic, Incision

Leon Ward, Everybody Tunnel-Ling


Thomas Brami, My Confession: An Autobiography By Mikhail Gorbachev

Alison Flett, 5 Ways To Dream A Country / A Map Of Belonging

Adam Ford, 8-Bit Rainbows

Rose Hunter, Medusozoa

Noel Jeffs, Keeping Your Country Queer

Christopher Konrad, Oyster

Lawrence Levy-Atkinson, Still There’s the Rain

Geoff Page, Codas

Corey Wakeling, Baal


Evelyn Araluen Corr, of Stuart Cooke (ed. & trans.), George Dyuŋgayan’s Bulu Line: A West Kimberley Song Cycle

Megan Nash, of Nicholas Birns, Contemporary Australian Literature: A World Not Yet Dead

Jonathan Dunk, Of Carmel Bird, Family Skeleton*

Ella Skilbeck-Porter, of Sian Vate, End Motion/Manifest, and Zoe Dzunko, Selfless

*Some files went AWOL when our site went down in 2021. We are endeavouring to relocate and return them to where they belong. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a copy.

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